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Shipping Unavailable. 

 Orders will be picked up

curbside (Windsor Road, Austin).

After designs and a quote are agreed upon I will send you an invoice.  If payment is not received on the due date,  the order may be subject to cancellation without notice.

Generally sugar cookies and photo cookies start at $75/dozen and are packaged, individually in cellophane bags.

* Because my cookies are completely custom, a precise price list is difficult to publish. Price varies based on detail and intricacy of design and generally end up being $75/dozen.

 I will work closely with you to get the perfect fit for your event.


Standard sugar cookies range from 3" to 4", up to 4 colors, and are packaged, individually in cellophane bags.

Thank you for your interest in custom cookies! Complete and submit the form to request a quote.


Cookie Quote Request

Please note the 1st available slot is October 13th

By filling out this form you are NOT OBLIGATED to order. 

Thanks for your interest. I will contact you soon about your request.

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